Sound & Lighting Hires

I operate engineered sound and lighting equipment hires for all kinds of events across the South East. As well as experience I have a huge passion for live sound and lighting and love to help people get more out of their events by adding a unique, bespoke and personal service.

“What is an engineered hire?”, I hear you ask!

When it comes to hiring equipment, you can have a “dry” hire, or an “engineered” hire. A “dry” hire is where you simply hire the equipment you need and the rest it up to you. An “engineered” hire, is where everything is taken care of for you. You simply choose the equipment you want, and the rest (delivery, installation and operation) is all included! Essentially, as well as hiring the equipment, you are hiring me, the “engineer”, to make everything run smoothly. It’s an all inclusive package, making things simple and affordable for you. I love to get to know the people I work with, and see the event through personally from the initial enquiry to the end of the event.

Why choose an “engineered” hire service like mine?

You’re organising the whole event – the last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out how the equipment you’ve hired works, or how to fix a problem if one crops up.

No need to worry about collecting or returning the equipment – it will all come to you!

Let someone else worry about finding the perfect sound levels, planning an amazing lighting show or making sure all cables are safely secured.

Get in touch now to enquire about sound and lighting for your event! No matter how big or small, I can help!

I am insured for up to £5m for Public Liability.